Mallard's Smokin' Bar-B-Que, where brisket reigns king!

While our brisket is what made our name, all of our locally sourced meat options, sides, and sauces are handmade and have been perfected by our pitmaster through years of trial and error in order to meet our strict quality standards. Get a taste of each one below!


Our flagship cut, this tender, juicy, flavorful sliced piece of beef heaven will melt in your mouth! We start by hand trimming whole briskets leaving the perfect fat cap, injecting it with our top secret mixture, then applying a perfect layer of our own handmade recipe all-purpose rub. Then we smoke it low and slow for 14 hours before resting for another 2 hours. In its final stop, the brisket is separated to get burnt ends from the point and slices from the flat, before going to your plate!

Pulled pork

Our pulled pork isn't your uncles back yard pulled pork, this one packs a flavorful punch before you ever top it with any of our sauces! This wedding crowd pleaser gets the injection treatment before being rubbed with liberal amounts of our all-purpose rub and smoking for 12 hours! We're not done yet though! It then gets broken up by hand, bathed in a secret mixture of flavors, and smoked again. Don't miss out on this taste bud pleasing classic!

Pork Loin

Another classic, this cut of pork can fit in at any event, from suit and tie business lunches, to backyard birthday parties. We give our loins the injection treatment and liberal amounts of our all-purpose rub, then smoked to the perfect internal temp to create a tender, juicy slice of pork! We finish these loins with a hint of sweetness before slicing, creating beautiful, thick sliced pork that melts in your mouth.

Turkey breast

Our whole boneless turkey breasts are brined AND given the injection treatment before we apply a perfect coating of our homemade poultry rub. They are slow smoked before being sliced. These turkey breasts are tender and full of flavor, this isn't your average Thanksgiving bird!

Chicken Thighs

These bundles of poultry goodness pack a serious flavor punch! We brine our chicken before applying our poultry rub, then they smoke in a bath of secret flavors mixed into chicken broth and butter. This method creates a slightly crispy, tender, bite through skin that sits ontop pillows of melt in your mouth dark meat chicken. You can't go wrong!

Sticky sweet ribs

The OG, the one that started it all for our pitmaster! These ST. Louis style ribs are trimmed down in house from spare ribs, then a liberal coating of our in house rib rub is applied. We then smoke them until a perfect mahogany bark is formed before getting a helping hand from the "Texas crutch" where our secret blend of honey and brown sugar is applied to make them our "sticky sweet" ribs. Get your hands and face dirty with a slab of these bad boys!

Cheesy potatoes

These pans of potatoes will take you back to all of those potluck meals of the past! Creamy, cheesy, steaming piles of shredded potatoes, they are fit for a king, but will satisfy the tastebuds of even the pickiest of children. They pair with any of our meat options and are sure to make a happy crowd.

Baked Beans

We can promise you, these aren't beans straight from the can! Our homemade recipe baked beans are a marriage of flavors from smokey bacon, sautéed onions and peppers, a blend of secret spices and ingredients, and topped with our in house bbq sauces. You'll be ready for a second helping the second you take a bite!

Green Beans

We don't have much to say here, except who doesn't love a helping of classic green beans loaded with pan fried bacon, onions, and butter? These will take you straight back to grandma's house!

Kolby's Jalapeno Cream Corn

Don't let the name fool you! Even if you aren't a spicy person, we promise theres plenty of creaminess to extinguish the fire. This sneaky good version of cream corn might suprise you! This recipe is so good, we stole it from our friend...

Find your favorite meats and sides

Find your favorite meats and sides

If you're hosting a party, it's important to give the guests food they'll remember. All of our sauces, BBQ and sides are made in-house, so you get the best quality food possible. In addition to our classic Pulled pork and brisket, you can choose from a wide array of smoked meats and homemade sides. We also provide five different sauces that were developed to pair with our meats. There's something for everyone.